Class booking and Payment Methods

Class booking


1. Monthly payment:

The monthly fee is calculated according to the number of classes the student books.


The student has weekly classes, every Thursday for example. The monthly fee is calculated according to the number of classes per month (4 Thursdays, 4 classes), excluding holidays.

The student has single classes, is doing an intensive course or starts the course in the middle of the month. The fee will be calculated according to the number of booked classes.

2. Online booking:

You can use the platform to book the classes you want based on the availability of the teacher.

3. Intensive courses:

To book an intensive course you will have to disburse 50% of the entire course, as a way of reservation. It must be disbursed at least two weeks before the start of the course.

If the student cancels the course, the course will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.


Payment methods

  • In cash at the school the monthly fee must be paid at least the week before the start of classes.
  • Bank transfer (Spanish & Valencia will not be responsible for the management expenses).
  • PayPal (The price per hour if this method of payment is chosen is €20).
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