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I really enjoyed the lessons with Raquel. She specifically adopted the lessons to my individual Level, which helped me a lot to progress quickly. I would definitely recommend her. Gracias por todo Raquel !

17 March

Kind, patient, perceptive, fun, experienced, joyful … Raquel has been an incredible teacher. Highly recommend her for wanna-be Spanish-speakers! (Translated by Google) Amable, paciente, perceptivo, divertido, experimentado, alegre … Raquel ha sido una maestra increíble. ¡La recomiendo altamente para los que quieren hablar español!

27th, June

I only had a few classes with Raquel, but I found her to be passionate, alert and very keen on improving my Spanish. She was very helpful indeed and made sure that I would spend most of the class speaking and learning. Her teaching space is adequate and located centrally.

Richard G

After only 5 prvate Spanish lessons with Raquel I started thinking Spanish. Not perfect of course;-) But it was a very good start for me. Raquel is a very good teacher and can explain even the most difficult grammar constructions that it feels easy to understand and use. So I gained in one week a very strong basis to continue with my Spanish lessons in my hometown.


I already took Spanish lessons back home and achieved the A1 level. But I still had a hard time speaking the language. So, I started looking for private Spanish lessons. Through the grapevine I found Raquel and decided to start with a free orientation lesson. This was a good decision. Raquel’s way of working is varied, so the lessons are never boring. She adapts the lessons to your needs and encourages you to speak Spanish all the time. I learned a lot from her. She’s a real gem. Thank you Raquel for helping me out!


There are a number of advantages of private lessons with Raquel. First and foremost, Raquel’s individual, one-on-one approach allows her to tailor the course to the specific needs and abilities of each student. Raquel’s students are not slowed down or rushed by the abilities and needs of other classmates. The one-on-one approach also allows for flexible class scheduling to accommodate students’ other plans, like out-of-town travel, etc.


As expected, Raquel clearly knows her subject and is a great teacher. However, what struck me the most was her infinite patience with this linguistically challenged student.

1st March 2019

I had one to one lessons for beginners with Raquel while in Valencia.  I am a foreign language teacher myself (English) and was impressed with Raquel´s teaching method and ability.  I even stopped thinking in English and started answering without translating to myself, which is the best way to learn a language but not usually what beginners are able do do easily.  My 13 year old son also had one to one lessons as he needs Spanish for school and for the first time said he really enjoyed Spanish lessons and that the hour went so quickly.  In April we will return and take more lessons with Raquel.

18th January 2019

Spanish & Valencia is a small but tidy one instructor school centrally located for easy access in Valencia’s city center. Raquel Moreno, provides both private and group lessons. She offered a free first lesson so we could meet and she could assess my skill level. She is patient, encouraging, energetic and a good Spanish teacher. She makes good use of a white board to write down what is being taught and asks that you purchase a Spanish workbook for lessons. In one month I learned how to introduce myself, to talk about where I’m from and where I live now, to speak about why I wanted to move to Spain and why I wanted to learn Spanish so I have some conversational skills. She encouraged me to be bold and not be shy with people that I encounter, but to take advantage of every opportunity to practice my new found skills. On the second lesson she insisted I learn my phone number in Spanish which immediately became essential. The most useful line that has opened many doors for me is to say “Solo estoy aprendiendo a harbar español”. (I’m just learning to speak Spanish). The Spanish people really appreciate that you are making an effort to learn their language and once I said that, they quickly become supportive, encouraging and helpful. I moved from the U.S. with extremely limited Spanish skills but a desire to learn. Raquel gave me a good foundational start. Thank you Raquel!


Cari Class
January, 2019

Raquel is an amazing Spanish tutor, I’m so happy I decided to choose her as a tutor. She is patient, kind and adapts her lessons to suit your style and ability, which greatly helped me in becoming more confident in forming and speaking accurate Spanish sentences. I’m looking forward to travelling back to Valencia to attend more of her lessons!

Gracias Raquel!

18th December 2019

I learnt Spanish over 25 years ago but have hardly spoken it since. When I was in Valencia recently I took an hour’s lesson every day for a week with Raquel. What a good decision! So much better than going to group lessons. Raquel was able to teach me at an appropriate level, concentrate on correcting my pronunciation and grammar and talk about subjects that interested me. Most of the lessons were done in Spanis but as she speaks English really well, she would explain in English if I was really struggling with the Spanish. If you are an adult who wants to revise or learn Spanish quickly I would completely recommend lessons with Raquel.

Judy S
1st December 2018

Raquel is a fantastic teacher. I am from England  and working with Raquel has been excellent. Recommend!

Jacob Chen
28 November 2018

I took private classes with Raquel every day for two weeks while I was visiting Valencia. Raquel was very professional, and the lessons were fun, helpful, and immediately useful. I am only beginning to learn Spanish, but Raquel’s lessons were always well suited to my skills.

Erin Shott
27.07.2018 shott.erin@gmail.com

I had a great time with Raquel during my trip to Valencia. We met three times during the week – once for a more formal tutoring session and twice to walk to various sites. It was so fun to have Raquel teach me things about the museums and cathedrals we visited – and all in Spanish! I couldn’t believe how much I understood – she kept the pace at my level and explained things that I didn’t understand. And we visited sites I would not have found otherwise. Great experience!

Katie W Berkeley, California
6 June 2018

I had Spanish lessons with Raquel for i think 3 months while I was living in Valencia. I can honestly say that i learned more Spanish with Raquel, and being here in Valencia than i did in my university and it is because of Raquel’s excellent teaching! I am a person who struggles a lot with foreign languages and i know that i am very slow in learning them. However, Raquel was super supportive and really based the classes on what i needed. On top of that, she is very friendly, kind, and every lesson was different with her. I would definitely recommend her as your Spanish teacher!

Freya Holwerda freyaholwerda@gmail.com
05 July 2018

My wife and I took private classes with Raquel (The owner/teacher) and really loved her and her place. The school is very well located in the old city center just by Plaza de la Reina.

Raquel is a great teacher that is willing to adapt to her students’ needs. We had no interest in passing exams for a specific level so we focused on speaking and understanding day to day Spanish in stead of focusing on a book.

Raquel speaks English which was helpful if we really got stuck and did not understand the explanations in Spanish, but she makes sure to do 99% of the class in Spanish.

She is also very flexible regarding schedules so we could choose our dates/times a few weeks in advance so it suited our needs

We highly recommend her school to anyone wanting a great Spanish learning experience

Heiðrekur and Hildur , Iceland

Heiðrekur Guðmundsson heiggi@simnet.is
20 June 2018

I’ve been having lessons with Raquel since November and my level  of Spanish has improved drastically. She’s very understanding and flexible in planning her lessons to suit your needs. I definitely recommend taking lessons with her! In addition, she’s very friendly and easy to talk to, so lessons aside, just speaking to her improves your Spanish skills!

Rachel Pool rachel.v.pool@gmail.com
30 May, 2018
After first trying larger group classes in Valencia and not making significant progress, my wife and I started classes with Raquel. Her personal and directive approach meant we both progresses quickly and our confidence increased significantly opening up the great city of Valencia to us. Being a teacher myself, I really appreciated Raquel varied style of learning which kept lessons engaging and non repetitive. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their Spanish quickly (& cheaply).
Rob and Janny r.pickford99@hotmail.co.uk
12 April, 2018
I had Spanish lessons with Raquel for 3 months while I was living in Valencia. She is a brilliant teacher and she helped me to improve my Spanish to a C1 level. Raquel is very flexible and her lessons are well-structured and adapted to the needs of her students. I enjoyed every lesson with Raquel. She is a warm, patient a lovely person, I can highly recommend her.
Stephanie Bertollacini sbertollacini@gmx.de
19 March, 2018
I have known Valencia for 12 years. Since then I have some Spanish friends in Town. In order to refresh and improve my Spanish language skills, I enrolled in the Spanish & Valencian language school, which I met by chance.
In the years before I visited 2 other schools in the city with which I was dissatisfied.
I had 2 weeks vacation. With Ma Jose and Antonio there were 2 wonderful teachers that could perfectly respond to my wishes. In no spanish school in Germany or Spain I have learned so much in such a short time. Because I also went to class with a lot of fun and desire.
So people, if you want to learn Spanish in VLC: Top to recommend “Spanish & Valencia”
27 November, 2017

We started private Spanish classes with Raquel after enduring some time in larger classes at another Spanish school. We really enjoyed the personal touch that Raquel added, the materials she provides to help you learn by doing and her fresh attitude. The classes are mainly in Spanish but if you don’t understand something, she can speak English to help out 

Gracias Raquel por todo!

22 November, 2017

Raquel helped me prepare for the C1 DELE and with her help I was able to pass. She was flexible and open to focusing on the parts of the exam I had most difficulty with and she had lots of good resources to help. Highly recommend classes with her.

Alice Devenney
5 November, 2017

I came to Spain to study, knowing next to no Spanish, and with very few language skills having only studied French up to GCSE. Raquel has been invaluable in teaching me Spanish after I “self taught” myself for a few months. We started at the beginning and she filled in the (very large) blanks.

She is an excellent teacher, and has infinite patience with a beginner such as myself. We work through a text book course, but almost entirely through verbal communication and only when explaining new concepts will we break from speaking in Spanish.

I could not have asked for a better teacher, and recommend her services to anybody of any skill with the intention of progressing their Spanish.

31 July, 2017

Raquel’s classes are pacey, structured and well-pitched. The time flies. She challenges you with the content but gives you the tools to succeed. She’ll also let you know about it if you’re making the same mistake more than once – an approach I definitely prefer! I’d happily recommend her to all Spanish learners.

26 June, 2017

I had private Spanish lessons with Raquel for quite a while and benefitted hugely. My confidence to speak increased and I absolutely love how my lessons were tailored to me because I was on my own. Raquel also allowed flexibility because of my work schedule! Loved it! Thank you!

Joanne Mulley
28 May, 2017

I have had one-on-one conversation lessons with Raquel, either once or twice per week, for the past four months. I enjoy working with her and learning from her. Raquel is smart, thoughtful and well-educated, adding to the value that I receive from the lessons. She is flexible in her approach and encourages me to introduce topics of my own particular interest. Raquel is a very patient teacher and has a good manner in the way she corrects the ways in which I mangle her beautiful language. Under her tutelage, my grammar and vocabulary have improved and I have gained confidence in speaking Spanish. I recommend Raquel highly to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to learn. I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Larry M. Ellis
7 May, 2017

I had Spanish lessons with Raquel for a number of months and really enjoyed the classes. She really helped to bring on my Spanish and especially improved my grammar and sentence structure. Her lessons are fun and she is very charismatic and I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Oli Jennings
10 April, 2017

I took 1 1/2 months of classes with Raquel. Thanks to it I could have a solid foundation with regard to conjugation (which was my goal).

These courses are interactive; We learn through different games, videos, listening. In addition Raquel is a very warm and welcoming person.

I recommend it.

12 January, 2017

I got the name of this school by an Italian friend. Raquel and ‘my Spanish teacher’ I made a few lessons with her, but I had a great time, both as a sign and be the humans’s point of view. It ‘a great person and very helpful. Tomorrow I have to go back to Italy, but when I return ‘in Valencia I have no doubt, come back to her.

Thanks Raquel

Maria Flavia Gagliani
18 November, 2016

I had lessons with Raquel over six weeks. I’ve been learning Spanish for over 3 years on a self-learning basis. With Raquel I was able to put structure on my study and fill in many blanks. My main interest was in conversation skills and she really helped with this. Most of all I enjoyed my Spanish conversations with Raquel – she is a smart and fun teacher and I am delighted to recommend her for Spanish lessons

Larry Maher (Ireland)
24 October, 2016

I very much enjoyed meeting Raquel & her colleague! My lessons were fun and I really liked the individual approach according to my level and goal. Raquel is very patient and makes one feel very comfortabel. Combining learning Spanish with learning something about the Spanish culture and Valencia was really great. Raquel also gave some good tips where to go. Highly recommended!

25 September, 2016

Raquel es una magnífica profesora. Me ha ayudado mucho con los estudios y mi adaptación a la ciudad de Valencia. Siempre esta disponible para lo que haga falta. La escuela es muy agradable y tranquila. Gracias por su paciencia y trabajo que realiza

1 September, 2016

I had private spanish lessons with Raquel during my stay in Valencia. She is a great teachera and I would definitely choose private lessons with her over group lessons at a language school as the private lessons are a bargain, adapt to your level, needs and interests. What I also really appreciated was the struktured approach that is learning with a well known school book (Aula).

31 August, 2016

Took spanish lessons with Raquel. After few lessons I already felt more confident in my spanish. She’s a very good teacher, who understands what do you need to improve and the better way to correct the mistakes you made. If you are looking for a spanish school in Valencia, this is your choice.

26 July, 2016

Raquel is easily the best Spanish teacher I’ve had. Her classes are very good value for money and I recommend her for beginner spanish students, for her patience and ability to explain some difficult concepts. If you want an alternative to a language school, which are more expensive and less flexible, then lessons with Raquel are a great option.

1 June, 2016

I have lived here in VLC for over a year and I’m really enjoying her classes. My friend and I both go with our doubts and queries and she clarifies them for us well. I am learning from her a lot. She is also a warm, friendly person and you will enjoy classes with her.

16 May, 2016

I was for a week of vacation in Valencia and I took 2 classes to refresh my basic spanish. Rachel is a excellent teacher, very dynamic and I really felt more confident for talking spanish after 2 times 1h30 of classes. I strongly recommend.

5 May, 2016

I have been studying Spanish for the past six months with Raquel, and I have found the experience to be more than valuable, and I have attained rapid progression of understanding and speaking the language. The classes have been very informative, in a relaxing and personal environment.

Michael Schmeja
6 April, 2016

I’m an erasmus student here in Valencia and have been taking Spanish lessons with Raquel (b1/b2 level). She’s much better than many private teachers I had who charge the same price per hour. She is very patient, corrects your grammar all the time so you don’t make the same mistakes again in the future, and is ALWAYS able to explain the grammar rule behind the mistakes you make. She is also very energetic no matter what time of day you have classes with her, and her office is in a great location. It’s a room fully equipped for students, with a board, projector, tables, chairs and materials. She also always gives you her 100% attention and adapts her classes to what you want to learn, unlike many Spanish teachers that just bombard you with exercises. She is able to teach Spanish in a fun way using videos, books, or whatever you prefer. My Spanish has improved a lot and I wish I were staying in Spain longer so I could continue taking lessons with her!

Stephanie Toleanon
21 March, 2016

Ellen and Jean-Marie My husband and I were living in Valencia for the winter and were so fortunate to study Spanish with Raquel. I was more interested in grammar and he in conversation which Raquel was able to accommodate adeptly into our lessons. She creates a warm, friendly and unintimidating atmosphere where you can gain confidence in your language skills. She far exceeds the last three Spanish instructors I have studied with and we hope to work with her again next year.

Ellen Horovitz
3 March, 2016

I have been taking lessons with Raquel for around 5 months now and my Spanish has improve massively. The lessons are great and have really helped my Spanish. I would recommend Raquel to anyone who wishes to improve or learn Spanish.

Spanish Classes Valencia
23 February, 2016

Raquel is so patient and kind. She is a great teacher and a lovely person.

Helen Little
27 January, 2016

I’ve been taking lessons with Raquel and she is a fantastic teacher, she was very flexible, adapting my lessons to exactly what I needed – including one lesson on business Spanish which was extremely helpful. Her wealth of experience teaching English is clear to see, she always provided clear explanations and really helped me improve my Spanish.

Raquel also gave me advice on all kinds of things I needed to know in Valencia and was always very friendly. All in all I definitely recommend taking lessons with her!

Kim Park
3 December, 2015

Raquel is a wonderful teacher! She is flexible and really tailors the classes to what you want. The atmosphere is always relaxed, friendly and extremely encouraging. Raquel has also helped me greatly with exploring Valencia and settling down here. I would highly recommend her classes!

6 November, 2015

I have recently started Spanish lessons with Raquel. I am a complete beginner and have never been able to master another language. But Raquel has given me hope. I actually feel I am making progress with her. She is very thorough and takes time to find out what it is you want to concentrate on. Her resources are very good and her office is well located and set-up perfectly for learning.

Stephen Lowndes
5 November, 2015

Raquel is a very passionate teacher. I am an accent – dialect coach and proper pronunciation of words is very important to me. Raquel was wonderful teaching me grammar, vocabulary and also making sure my pronunciation was perfect.

Certain consonant sounds are quite different between Spanish and English, and I want to be certain I use the correct sound.

Raquel is patient, fun and knows how to teach so it’s never boring. She will immerse you in the language, as best she can.

Ella es excelente.

4 noviembre, 2015

Raquel is a brilliant teacher. She has an impressive understanding of how to teach the Spanish language and can equally express herself in English when needed.

A very experienced teacher, she is patient, always prepared, fun and encouraging. She has a real passion for teaching and this is a great quality to have in a Profesor 

We hired Raquel to help us verbally communicate in Spanish, and not to just repeat grammar exercises. She has a great sense of what is required and we can both now travel to Spain knowing we can speak Spanish and communicate all of our needs.

I can highly recommend Raquel as a great teacher of Spanish

Paul from Dublin
23 September, 2015

I had Spanish lessons with Raquel for 2 months while I was living in Valencia. I can honestly say that it was a fantastic experience – Raquel is a brilliant teacher, willing to tailor the lessons to what you as a student find best. I learnt so much Spanish in such a short time and it is because of Raquel’s excellent teaching! On top of that, she is very friendly, kind, and generous, and gave me plenty of tips and information about Valencia!

Ralf Webb
26 agosto, 2015

Lessons with Raquel are always fun and enjoyable. They are always personal to individual needs which shows she really cares! I would definitely recommend learning Spanish with her!

15 Juny, 2015

I had private spanish lessons with Raquel for 6 weeks. I definitely can recommend it! Raquel is super friendly and tries to create a personal schedule that fits to your level, interests and time.

27 May, 2015

Raquel is a great and knowledgeable teacher. I’m a beginner and her patience, encouragement and enthusiasm with me is incredible. She’s flexible with classes and reliable.

She’s very supportive and helpful outside of class too – she even attended my wedding to translate as a favour to me!

I would highly recommend her to anyone

Spanish Classes Valencia
27 May, 2015

I am currently taking private lessons and am very happy with Raquel as a teacher. Studying with Raquel is a great way to improve your Spanish conversational skills.

27 May, 2015

I am a retired American business owner and have been working with Raquel for 6 weeks in individual tutoring and have been helped immensely by her teaching. What has been so helpful with Raquel is that she speaks English and so can guide me so much more efficiently. In addition, Raquel has seen to it that I am invited to events and she has volunteer to help me with arranging business discussions. She has been wonderful… Phil Row.

26 May, 2015

I had Spanish classes with Raquel (at B2 level) before moving back to London. She is very nice and a very good teacher! And there are also free biscuits and tea 

25 May, 2015
I went to Raquel as "an advanced beginner" to help improve my listening skills and work on some specific aspects of my Spanish. Raquel was great and, thankfully, very patient.Brian Edgar
Muchas gracias Maria y Raquel! I so enjoyed my private language lessons with Maria this week in Valencia. Maria built up my vocabulary, comprehension and speaking skills, so much so that I feel far more confident conversing in Spanish. I loved that Maria spoke Spanish to me all of the time, which gave me the chance to really feel immersed in the language (and no excuse to slip back into English!). And whilst I'm a beginner, Maria, was patient and kind in correcting me, helping me to understand sentence construction and building my vocabulary. I hope to be back again for more lessons this year.Lucy H
I highly recommend Raquel and her school. She is a professional teacher, a nice person, her attitude is very positive. The classes were adapted to my needs, with lot of fun&chats, I always enjoyed the lessons. She has helped me gain confidence in using and thinking in Spanish. Thank you so much for your positive energy 🙂Aniko DP
Taking classes from Raquel truly was the best decision! Her lessons are fun and informative, and her approach is very personal and tailored to your skills&interests. Going to Spanish lessons was always a joy, and I learned so much in just a few months (starting from complete beginner). I will miss talking with & learning from you Raquel!Ymkje Haverkamp
Raquel is a very good Spanish teacher. She taught me a lot and it was always a pleasure to attend Raquel's lessons. When I come back to Valencia, I will definitely take lessons with Raquel again!Martine Valentijn
Increíble profesora. La mejor academia de Valencia!!!! (Translated by Google) Incredible teacher. The best academy in Valencia!!!!Mike Mike
(Translated by Google) Raquel is a very friendly teacher, perfect for practicing and improving your Spanish. His premises are ideally located in the center of Valencia, I recommend (Original) Raquel est une professeur très sympathique, c’est parfait pour pratiquer et améliorer son espagnol. Son local est idéalement situé au centre de Valencia, je recommandeAurélie
I had classes with Raquel for a few months and really enjoyed the experience. She is a great teacher who is very patient and understanding. She took time to understand my needs and tailored the classes to them. Having private classes was a really good complement to the group classes that I also did at another school.Nicholas Johnson
I took classes for one year with Raquel and I'm amazed by how my Spanish level has been increased. Right now I can communicatie perfectly in Spanish and it has increased my quality of life here in Spain. Raquel adapts her teaching style to what you actually want to achieve. Besides that she informs you about nice things to do, see and taste in and around Valencia. Conclusion: a personal approach where results will be achieved!Ivo de Ruijter
Raquel es una profesora extraordinaria: interesante, paciente y conocedora. ¡Ella es inspiradora y hace que el esfuerzo de aprender valga la pena! (Translated by Google) Raquel is an extraordinary teacher: interesting, patient and knowledgeable. She is inspiring and makes the effort of learning worth it!Dean Eisner
Raquel is an excellent teacher. She made learning Spanish fun! I had a little knowledge from online learning and my husband had none. We both learned a lot in our 4 lessons. We used what Raquel taught us right away from the first lesson. So helpful. I just had a lovely conversation with an elderly Spanish couple and understood 90% of what they said. 😊Kelli Neaven
Raquel is a great teacher with clearly a lot of experience. She takes the time to understand your level of Spanish and helps you improve in a few lessons already. Next to that, Raquel is great fun! I definitely recommend following lessons at her school when you are in town.Vincent van der Wel
I attended classes with Raquel for two weeks with two other friends. Raquel customized the class to best fit our three levels combining the right amount of conversation and grammar. She is a very patient, knowledgable and friendly instructor. I highly recommend her for all levels of Spanish.Richard Southwell
We had the pleasure of learning with Raquel when we recently spent a week in Valencia. Not only we learned a lot, but we also had a chance to ask questions and learn about Spanish and Valencian culture, practicalities etc. Raquel shared her energy and patience with us and our daily lessons were the highlight of each day. Thank you Raquel 🙂Marta S
Raquel is the best spanish teacher in Valencia I've ever met! You can feel her love and passion when she is teaching and makes you feel a very confortable time when learning spanish. Thanks for your time!! 😉Miss Happy Never Hide

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