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All our programs have the same price (General Spanish, Spanish for business, online …)
Prices available only for 1 to 1, groups of friends and group of more than 4 students. For courses for companies or extracurricular activities please fill out the form.

Cancellation Policy 

Class booking and Payment methods

1 to 1, Group of friends & Online


In “Spanish & Valencia” we use the pay as you go system, which means that you only pay monthly for the lessons that you book (minimun 4 lessons per month). Payment should be made at  “Spanish & Valencia” office. No refunds for missed classes.

 If you have friends or family that would like to take classes with you, Spanish & Valencia is happy to provide to groups of 2-4 people. Spanish and Valencia does not organize group sessions otherwise.

I would be happy to meet you prior to the start of the lessons for a free assessment or to discuss your lessons in more detail.

1 to 1

  • 1 to 1: 25 € per hour

Groups of friends or family

  • 2 people: 15€ per person/hour
  • 3 people: 10€ per person/hour
  • 4 people: 8€ per person/hour


Flexible plan with “Online Booking”

If you would like more flexibility, and do not  want to pay monthly you can sign up for classes with “Online Booking” up to 48 hours in advance.

Cancellations in this modality, follow our cancellation policy.


Intensive Private Spanish Course

At Spanish & Valencia, I know how important it is to practice language. If you are coming on holidays and you would like practice your Spanish with a private tutor that is your course.

-Prices 1 hour per day: 

You can have 1 hour General Spanish in the classrrom or we can do an activity outside the classroom.

  • 1 week     5 hours  –> 125€
  • 2 weeks  10 hours –> 250€
  • 3 weeks  15 hours –> 375€

– Prices  2 hours per day.

You can have a 1 hour  Spanish  lesson in the classroom and 1 hour of Spanish in real-life situations. Alternatively, we can do a daily activity of  2 hours entirely outside the classroom.

  • 1 week    10 hours  –> 250€
  • 2 weeks  20 hours –> 500€
  • 3 weeks  30 hours –> 750€

Intensive Group Courses in July

If you would like to improve your Spanish in a short period of time and meet new people  this Spanish course is for you.

All the components of the Spanish language are learned: grammar, vocabulary, culture, etc., and the different skills are worked on through a practical methodology based on real communication situations.

Thanks to the small number of students per class, students can actively participate in all classroom activities, which makes learning much more enjoyable and effective.


– Dates: 

From 4th to 29th of July

– Prices:

  • Monthly payment:

30  hours per month  –> 350 € per month (4 weeks)

  • Weekly payment:

10 hours per week –> 140 € per week


*We need minimun 4 students to open this course.

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