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We have already explained how speaking Spanish can benefit your Spanish skills, that is why today we will be explaining how to practice your oral skills with the best Spanish tutor.  

Do you want to establish a conversation with your Spanish friends? In fact, you can improve your Spanish when having conversations. It is a great way to practice as a Spanish language learner, so this article will explain you how to learn a language by practicing it.  For example, apart from classes you can ask for a Spanish guided conversation in our Spanish School.

This is a part we definitely don’t recommend you skip as it is a great way to reinforce your oral practice with help of our Spanish tutors that will help you improve your Spanish skills. You can find out this section in our web where is explained with details. For example, the Spanish tutor focus on your pronunciation, providing you a correction of common mistakes you have made during the conversation. Also, you will have feedback so you can expand your vocabulary, and as it is a course you will have to discuss different topics in order to practice and improve your Spanish. 

However, if you prefer learning depending on your level you can choose general Spanish. This one able you to take an exam without pressure, also you will be more fluent after practicing your tutor. The feedback is also personalized so you can be able to improve more effectively your Spanish skills. As we have mentioned in other articles, it is important doing activities and practicing Spanish, this is why we have also a section for Spanish in real life, specifically in Valencia, this one is focused on practicing Spanish in real-life situations.

These activities are clearly carried out outside the classroom and if needed your Spanish tutor corrects your mistakes, some of these activities are go shopping, visit an exhibition or a monument, do a sporting activity, have coffee and more. If you are interested in this kind of activities and communicating confidently by improving Spanish, you can visit our page of Spanish & Valencia and see which levels are allowed. 

Finally, we have a section which its quick Spanish, this one will help you learn quick Spanish, of course, it is compose of the basic aspects in which you should learn how to manage your Spanish skills. As an example, five of the lessons offered are about transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking, travel, etc. With this course we want you to handle yourself in these and other common situations in a city by learning, for example, useful expressions in Spanish. 

In summary, as we have mentioned in other articles, it is important the fact of doing extra activities or speaking with Spanish people (of your age if you feel comfortable this way) as they are key to practice in a more natural way your Spanish and to enhance your language skills. As we have explained you should try these Spanish guided conversations because it will boost your confidence in the Spanish language when trying to speak with other native people.

You can do it! Ánimo! Good luck! 

Text: Nuria Cadena 


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