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Today we are going to explain how the practice your Spanish language skills though virtual cultural exchanges. This may sound new for you, but it is actually quite useful in our generation as all you have to do is connect on-line and practice conversations with native Spanish speakers. Maybe you have tried memorizing vocabulary, have heard Spanish conversations in series, movies, radio or even in the TV but you are not confident enough to try it in a real conversation.

That is why today we are trying to help you engage with new methods of practicing the Spanish language. Maybe if you have not an intermediate level or you feel like you are not in the level you think you are when chatting with natives or having conversations with your teacher you can try on-line practice. Of course, Spanish lessons are essential to learn speaking Spanish, even online Spanish lessons can help you improve your conversational Spanish skills in a Spanish School.

It is important that you are open to this dynamic platform and practice your conversational Spanish skills  as much as you can, you love it once you try it for sure! It is a great opportunity that language learners have nowadays. You will also exchange cultural insights, and this new experience will enrich your linguistic and cultural knowledge. These platforms are open to the public, so it is a natural, spontaneous and relaxed way to experience in a language you want to learn by practicing it and improving your conversational skills and comprehension abilities in real-time.

Some topics you can talk about are your hobbies, interests, cultural traditions, Spanish typical dishes, and others. When having conversations with natives you will learn diverse accents, dialects, and colloquial expressions, Spanish expressions are quite interesting so you should learn some of them before for your day-a-day stay in Spain. Having these conversations will help you to enhance your communicative efficacy in different contexts. The more you practice the more possibilities of improving your Spanish learning process you have and also having a cultural immersion.

Online language exchanges platforms or even practicing in language learning applications and websites will facilitate conversational practice with language partners. Also, will make a difference in your Spanish learning process; you will improve your Spanish skills, and this will cheer you up to keep learning. You will also be able to share languages, experiences, see other perspectives and try other language learning methodologies. It is interesting how people get to know each other in cultural exchanges, we encourage you to try it and have your own opinion about this learning Spanish method and its efficiency as a technological tool that help language learners to have conversations with native people.

Text: Nuria Cadena.


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