Benefits and Disadvantages of Learning Spanish on Your Own

Nowadays, technical progress does not stand still, and we can do almost everything on the Internet: pay bills, make purchases, even get an education.

This process inevitably affected the learning of foreign languages. Now there are countless learning resources on the Internet: programs for learning words (they are even in our mobile phones), texts, songs, grammar books, etc.

Many Spanish learners try to learn a language on their own with the help of Internet resources.

Let’s find out if it’s possible and talk about the pros and cons of language learning with just online resources.

Of course, most Spanish resources are free, and many are provided at a small price, which is much lower than the price of classes with a teacher online or on courses. It sounds very attractive. But let’s take a look at what the Internet resources are missing. Lessons with an online or group teacher always start with a test of your language level.

Doing it yourself is wrong and ineffective. Even with the help of Internet tests, as language testing is always complex. It is to test not only grammar and vocabulary, but also speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing.

But let us assume that you know your language level more or less objectively. Now you will need to find the right training materials for yourself. It is not easy to do this without being a teacher, because there are a lot of resources and they are very different, and you will probably just start using the first ones you get.

You will also need to develop your own educational program: what and how much to teach, read, listen, etc.

To achieve a successful result, you need regular training 2-3 times a week, and even better 20-30 minutes every day. But it is very difficult to discipline yourself in this way.

And the biggest disadvantage of studying independently only with the help of Internet resources, is the lack of conversation practice with the teacher or other group members.

No matter how much we know in theory, until we begin to train conversation in a foreign language. The speaking skill will not be formed.

What can language courses offer us in return, and do we still need online resources?

Quality language courses (exactly quality and well organized) will offer you a specific course program from which you will understand where you start, what you will study and where you will come to.

To learn how to speak you need to speak. The more you learn to speak, the better. Well, what about our online resources? In fact, they are a great addition to the main educational program, both for work at home and in class.

Our “Spanish & Valencia” school always uses interactive audio and video materials in class, and for homework we recommend additional online resources for reading, listening and learning vocabulary.

Anyway, any method of Spanish learning you choose, set specific goals, write a plan to achieve them, and progress regularly. It´d be better with the help of professionals.

Texto: Mariia Lisafina

 Photo by Liam Anderson from Pexels

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