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For students that are taking Spanish classes, the exams and qualifications are widely known. In this particular article, we will cover these aspects that give prestige and official recognition to learning a language. If you are interested in Spanish lessons or even already started them and want to know more about how you can grant yourself access to such grades, read very closely.

In Europe, there is a guideline that takes the learning process of foreign languages and gives institutions a framework to evaluate the level of the students. This is called CEF, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This system helps all European languages to be officially, properly evaluated, and acknowledged inside their own continent. This way if you learn Spanish in Spain or anywhere in the world. Spanish classes will follow these rules, and you will be able to continue your Spanish lessons when you return home. 

It divides and ranks each one of the stages of Spanish learning, giving all of them their approval. The three main divisions are A for basic users, B for independent users, and C for proficient users. These letters would not ring the bell on their own, but there is more behind them. Each one is accompanied by a number, 1 or 2 depending on the rank. Therefore, 1 is for basic and 2 for advanced, meaning that there are in total 6 categories to classify students and their current fluency.

The most basic level would be A1, in which the student has been learning Spanish for quite a short time and can understand and participate in basic interactions. Then, A2 would be the next stage, in which if the student is capable of passing the Spanish exam, it will prove a more fluent communication level regarding basic and frequent topics and even using simple verbal tenses. The A levels are quite a good starting line for kids having their first contact with a foreign language during their school period.

The intermediate rank, the letter B, beginning with B1 grants that the student has the ability to combine verbal tenses and can communicate fluently in Spanish and with good hearing and speaking. B2 represents the capability of mixing other aspects of the language such as abstract topics and being able to interact with native speakers without hesitating that much. In terms of an academic context, the B levels are associated with teenage students around their high school period.

The advanced frame, the letter C, basically represents the most skillful tier. To pass C1 and C2 levels, it is very common that the student needs to reach higher grades and very few mistakes are permitted. C1 level tends to be the major achievement for a student. If passed, the students show that they are prepared to think, read, speak and write flawlessly. It is associated to almost native levels of Spanish language classes. On the other hand, the C2 level is normally reserved for a more specific formation depending on the field that the student is willing to specialize.

For students that want to pass these official exams, it is a very good starting point to gather such information. Of course, feel free to ask and take our Spanish classes to experience the pleasure of learning Spanish.

Author: Alejandro Fayos Benito

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