Error-prone Spanish spelling

We learn the Spanish language to communicate with  Spanish people. Sometimes, to with, only a gesture is enough. Communication is the fact to transmit a message that can be understood by the people whom it is directed to. Because this act of communication can be produced, it is necessary to transform ideas and thoughts in signs. All signs will constitute a system or code which is nothing but a set of rules or laws agreed by all members of a community.

In the process of learning Spanish, there are some words in systems and codes that are different from our mother tongue. It is easy to make mistakes. In the process of writing Spanish words, foreigners and even some native-speaker often easily confuse similar consonant spellings. The most representative ones are “b” and “v”, “j” and “g”, “s” and “x”. Also, the “h” and accented symbols that are not pronounced in Spanish sometimes make mistakes in spelling.



haber, a ver


jirafa, coger, surgir, general, garaje.

A lot of people write “garage” is incorrect


explicar, extranjero, exposición.

It is a mistake really common with ¨s¨ even for native speakers.


hay, ahí, ay.


hacía (do), hacia (towards).

This mistake between a word related to doing and towards is very common.

¨Tú ¨ used to refer to the person like ¨you¨ and ¨tu¨ as a personal pronominal expression. ¨your car ¨ = ¨ tu coche¨ or ¨your house¨ = ¨ tu casa¨.

¨ Él ¨ and ¨El¨ used to refer to the personal article “he” as in ¨ He is my boyfriend ¨ or “ Él es mi novio” and the personal pronominal expression used in sentences as “ El coche es rojo” or “ El agua está fría”.


In English, this article often disappears in the sentence, as a difference with the Spanish language.

These are small mistakes in learning Spanish, but we should pay attention to these details. Avoiding these writing errors will give us a greater advantage in Spanish writing.

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Text: JingQi Wang




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