Spanish sayings about houses: do you know what they mean?


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Spanish sayings about houses: do you know what they mean?


Spanish has many sayings, like many other languages do. Learning Spanish sayings and what they mean is a good way to improve your Spanish, to learn more about Spanish culture and to impress your friends and teachers. Many sayings are grouped in semantic fields and today’s sayings are all about houses! To make this a little more interesting and challenging this will be a test to see if you can guess what these sayings mean. For each saying, chose the answer you think defines its meaning and you will find the correct answers at the end.

Are you ready for a quick Spanish lesson? Here we go!

1- You use Unos por otros, y la casa sin barrer when…

a) you go to someone’s house and it’s dirty.

b) you visit a poor house where they can’t afford a broom.

c) a problem goes unresolved or a task stays undone because of lack of collaboration.

2- You feel like la casa se me cae encima when…

a) a house’s roof collapses for natural reasons (like heavy snow).

b) you are overwhelmed and uncomfortable at home and want to get out.

c) you spend a lot of time looking out your house’s window.

3- You use como Pedro por su casa when…

a) talking about a place you have visited many times before.

b) you visit a place for the first time or you are in an un familiar place, but you know your way around it like you know it perfectly well.

c) you visit your friend Pedro’s house.

4- When you say la ropa sucia se lava en casa it’s because…

a) the detergent you use at home is better.

b) a problem is solved in private, without everyone finding out.

c) you have a washing machine.

5- What happens when someone tira la casa por la ventana?

a) They do something wrong, backwards or chaotically.

b) They are observing what happens outside through a window.

c) They spend more money than necessary or more money than they have.

6- Una verdad como una casa means…

a) that what is being said is very true.

b) that what is being said is uncertain.

c) that you are talking about a castle or a palace.

7- When someone tells you that a place is la casa de tócame Roque, it means that place is…

a) fun.

b) messy.

c) clean.

8- If someone empieza la casa por el tejado it means that…

a) they are doing something wrong.

b) they are doing something very difficult, but that turns out good.

c) they are doing something stupid.

Here are the answers: 1:c | 2:b | 3:b | 4:b | 5:c | 6:a | 7:b | 8:a

Author: Mariia

Photo Photo by Tomáš Malík from Pexels

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