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Your hobbies are key when it comes to learning and improving your Spanish skills.
Combining your learning Spanish with leisure and fun? It sounds quite good, but is it possible? You may have asked yourself this question before and the answer is yes. Actually, it is possible, that’s why today we will be talking about how hobbies can work as effective study methods, which is a plus when you enjoy activities such as reading, listening to music, watching Spanish TV, Netflix, etc.

Leisure and Spanish culture in Spain

You can learn from audiovisual translation, also is an interesting topic to talk about. There are different ways to learn a language, as an example, watching multimedia content daily and trying to translate your favorite song, series, or movies into Spanish is useful. This way, you acquire more vocabulary and expressions from the country you are learning, which will help you start speaking in Spanish.

So, what better way to start than by trying to translate what you understand? Actually, linguists recommend writing what you have understand in order to learn Spanish in a practical way – and not only thinking about the response in your mind. This is something I personally recommend, as you will see how much you understand and where you need mostly to focused on to improve your Spanish skills in a Spanish school in Valencia, Spain. You will learn from the best Spanish tutors. Give it a try! Try to improve your skills in Spanish!

This method is a curious and practical way to learn more about culture and expressions in our generation. What is more, by learning from the best Spanish tutors, you will acquire new vocabulary and discover new ways to learn. The best way to practice a language is by testing your own knowledge!

The era of digital hobbies

In fact, our generation is getting used to hobbies that involve technology. As a digital generation, we must learn how to take advantage of it while learning. Remember that practicing what you have learned might give you motivation, for example, taking Spanish lessons or even online Spanish lessons can help you improve your Spanish to the next level and give you opportunities for interactive practice.

As a sum up, incorporating Spanish into your leisure activities can contribute to language learning as it also exposes you to authentic cultural in this lively city. This immersive approach helps you find out colloquial expressions, slangs, etc. Also, regularly exposing yourself to audiovisual content can familiarize you with different accents as well as enrich your vocabulary.

To make your learning experience more fulfilling you should integrate this learning aspect to your favorite activities, personally I encourage you to explore Spanish culture thought hobbies and let the language become a natural part of your daily life and you will enjoy it for sure.


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Text: Nuria Cadena

Photo: Sasha Kim

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