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In the daily teaching process of Spanish schools, almost every course will have group assignments, and the scores of group assignments will directly affect the final exam scores. Group work exercises are communication skills, coordination skills, and teamwork skills. So how can we efficiently complete group work with Spanish people?


1. Clear division of labor

Team members are a whole, and everyone needs to take responsibility, solve problems together, and inspire team capabilities. Before the division of labor, the team leader should be selected, and the team leader is responsible for setting out the outline. Work is distributed according to each member’s strengths. Everyone should have a clear task, and everyone should work together to complete this group assignment.


2. Communicate in time

In the process of work, if you encounter uncertain parts, you must communicate with other team members in time to ensure the integrity of the task connection. If the group is still not sure about some parts after the discussion, then you must communicate with the professor. Spanish teachers welcome students to ask them questions, so that they can not only correct the direction in time, provide new ideas to ensure the results of the final assignment.


3. Maintain a good attitude

For international students, when they are often assigned to a group with Spanish people, they often worry that their language is not enough, and rarely express their opinions. You should maintain a good attitude at this time. Just believe in yourself


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Text: Wang Jing

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