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Hi, readers! I hope you are doing fine, and you are every day more interested in Spanish. Have you ever considered including your children in your Spanish learning process? Well, as we mentioned before here, in our Spanish and Valencia blog, now that we are each day nearer to the multilingual era, it is vital that you show your children the correct path to enter the diverse and global society. You must bear in mind that the Spanish language acquisition is a mid or long-term investment, and it will help them find their own identity. Let’s see more reasons to teach your kids Spanish!

To start, let’s talk about the global communication. As Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, when you learn it your range of possibilities becomes wider. When you teach your children Spanish, you are entering them to a huge number of communities, businesses and people in general, even if it is in the future. This will make their life easier when getting a job when they get older. Not to mention the fact that if they go to school with someone that speaks Spanish, they will become friends easily.

Moreover, if we talk about the present, as we mentioned in some other posts, learning Spanish will bring them not only new linguistic skills but also a further comprehension of other cultures and societies. Some studies argue that those who speak Spanish are more capable to learn other languages and to value diversity – other cultures, religions, ethnicities, etc.

Furthermore, if you really want your kids to learn Spanish, that can benefit you in a huge way. If you do not come from an Spanish speaking country and you and your children are learning Spanish, a great idea to improve and practice your Spanish level is to travel to some place where they speak Spanish. However, if that is not possible for you, you can always create a “Spanish speaking time” at home. That can be a mutual help and you will learn lots of things from the other family member. Moreover, you can take advantage of the fact that all of you are learning Spanish and buy some Spanish board games to play everyday at home or whenever you want to.

To finish, I am going to mention what I was commenting at the top: the importance of introducing them to the new world. Teaching them or encouraging them to learn Spanish will give them the boost they need to become more capable of doing what they really want to do in the future. Learning Spanish will help them be more talented and have more qualifications when applying for a job which is an important fact to consider when caring for their future.

So, to conclude, I will recommend you start introducing your kids into Spanish when they are little, so they can start from a young age, when it is easier to learn compared with people that are older. Do not get me wrong: I do not mean that when you are old there us no point on learning Spanish, but that it is easier when you are younger.

So, what are you waiting for? Introduce them to Spanish now!

Autor:  Alba Boví Felipe


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