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If you are a Spanish student taking a course or classes in Spain, you might have seen, experienced, or read some things about Spanish culture and daily living. A foreigner from anywhere in the world needs to comprehend and adapt to the country and its traits. If you have been reading our articles or are interested in them and our lessons, we assume that you may know quite some things about us, Spain, and our language.

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If, on the other hand, you are new to us, to the Spanish language, or even to Spain, it does not matter if you are planning to visit Spain or if you already live or study here and just want to improve. Right now, you are about to read some tips to introduce yourself to our culture, not just in an academic way or from the point of view of a tourist, but also from what every one of us, locals, see and say daily.

To apply what you learn within four walls and a book, it is essential to keep yourself in contact with your environment. What this means is that, to acquire a proper language and a decent diction, vocabulary, and fluency, you should spread your learning space far beyond a classroom. Always start with your own space, like your house, room, or living place. You will find Spanish much easier if you can begin your routine by putting your efforts and thoughts into the language. Try listening to or watching any media content to refresh your brain, for instance. Many people listen to music during their morning routines or like to be informed by watching TV, listening to the radio, or even a podcast they like.

Find your personal space more influenced by the Spanish languge

Once you have accustomed yourself to having your personal space more influenced by our language, try to expand it a little bit by taking it outside too. Find a moment to balance your activities, tasks, or duties with your Spanish studies. One of the most useful things to do is to take your closest routines to the learning process. This is quite helpful because normally your brain works on its own when your tasks turn repetitive, then try to think in Spanish.

If by any chance you have to do other kinds of things far from your place, for instance, attend a public event, any sports training or such things, then you have the perfect excuse to socialize and enrich your stay. In a foreign country, it is very important not only to adapt and introduce yourself but also to be able to see, analyze and try to emulate what other people do. We as a society tend to follow trends and also imitate subconsciously what we absorb during the day. This is why it is so important to involve yourself in all kinds of activities, especially if you are a newcomer or a student. Never hesitate or doubt about leaving your space, because you will feel comfortable and learn while you enjoy yourself being part of the experience.


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