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Places you cannot miss to practise and improve your Spanish level when you are in Valencia

Hello, dear readers! How are you doing today? I hope this new year brings you the energy and passion you need to continue learning Spanish and improving your Spanish skills. Today we will be talking about one of the best cities to live in the world. Yes, our lovely Valencia! This city is the perfect scenario to dive into the Spanish language. With its characteristic mediterranean charm and its rich and delightful culture, Valencia is plenty of places not to be missed where students of all ages can not only enjoy the beaty of the city, but also interact with Spanish local people in real conversations to practise and improve Spanish.

The first spot students should visit and wander around without doubt is the City of Arts and Science. This architectonic and cultural complex is key in this city. Here you can take part in plenty of activities and guided tours that are in many languages. However, I recommend you participate in the Spanish activities so you can practise your Spanish and interact with Spanish people that may become more than tour peers. This is the perfect moment to learn those Spanish words that are related with subjects that you did not really understand. Try to be near the Spanish people in case you need a translation of the activity or something the tour guide just said. This is a fun and clever way of learning Spanish!

The next place I – and you also – cannot skip is the Malvarrosa Beach. This is the perfect place – especially in summer, but also the rest of the year – to practise some sport, learn Spanish and meet new people from all over the world. Even though Valencia is quite an international city, almost everyone that comes here know or want to learn Spanish. Therefore, the conversations you can have in this place are always – or most of the time – in Spanish. In the Malvarrosa Beach you can learn Spanish in several ways: you can learn Spanish sport vocabulary while you play volleyball, football or many other sports, you can learn Spanish in the “chiringuitos” in the sand when you go order some drinks, etc.

Moreover, these Spanish learning activities must come with something else. Something that assures you that your Spanish skills are improving with time. Here is where we come into play. You can take part in our Spanish classes with tutors. Do not miss them!

What I am sure about is that Spanish people will always be happy to help you with your Spanish learning process. No matter what place in Spain you are, but I recommend you come to Valencia and visit this beautiful city and also come to us to improve your Spanish level with our private group classes in Spanish&Valencia. But, also, do not forget to read our blog to keep updated! So, what are you waiting for? Come to Valencia and start enjoying your best life at the same time you learn Spanish!

Text: Alba Boví

Photo:  Kaba Camara 

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