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Spanish is as important as air for a successful person. This is because the foreign language represented is one of the most common. Moreover, it is an important means of communication in the world. This is why you can increasingly hear or see that Spanish is required in many areas and it is  important to find a good online Spanish tutor.

Whatever your reason for learning a foreign language, it should be a strong and stimulating one.

Therefore, before you start your studies, be sure to determine why you need it, and what you will have from it. Every time you are in doubt, just think about your reasons, why you need Spanish.

To make things easier for you, we’ll give you a few good reasons:

  1. Travel. It is a pleasure to come to foreign countries while learning all the information firsthand.

  2. Career advancement. Professionals with good knowledge of Spanish are doubly valued.

  3. Reading and watching movies.

  4. Making new acquaintances and broadening your horizons.

  5. Self-affirmation (why not?).

When we have figured out the goals and incentives that will contribute to the effectiveness of our work, we can begin to choose a way to study. There are two ways for everyone:

  • Free, but not very effective, independent learning of a foreign language.

  • Paid and effective classes with a tutor.

Let’s deal with you about what would be more useful for you and consider each of the ways separately.

Spanish On Your Own

To learn a foreign language on your own at home, you need to have several positive qualities – patience, and self-control. This will help you go long and fast to your goal because there will be no one near you who will report the wrong pronunciation or tell you about an unclear rule.

To learn a foreign language by yourself, you need to learn a few rules:

  • Studying every day.  Spanish Classes should be held every day, at least 15 minutes a day.

Please note that they must be productive for 15 minutes a day. The information should not just be read and forgotten to clear your conscience.

  • Don´t avoid daily activities or look for an excuse.

  • Don’t learn words separately, don’t cram, but read and learn Spanish sensibly.

  • Always plan. For example, learn 4000 words in six months or 20 words a day. Admit it’s not much, but it’s more than enough to learn a language.

  • Never say that you are incapable of learning a foreign language. You’re not! After all, you already know your native language, which means you have a deposit.

Thus, by following these instructions, you will be able to achieve a positive result without using the help of a tutor.

Difficulties that you may face:

  • A sense of optionality.
  • Procrastination.
  • A misunderstanding of a specific topic.

  • Incorrect pronunciation.
  • Lack of a professional supervisor.

Online Spanish  Lessons

The only disadvantage of classes with a tutor is the need to pay for the process. Traveling to the teacher’s house or at a fixed time can be a problem. However, with the help of a qualified tutor, new opportunities and, of course, guarantees open up.

Online Spanish tutor will always help you to cope with all the problematic aspects for you, will become a mentor for the period of training, correct the wrong words, and sometimes just push to action.

The experience of the teacher also plays a big role. After all, it is no secret that every specialist knows how to present topics in an accessible and interesting way. In the case of studying by yourself – boring rules in the textbook only.

Communication is also an advantage, as it contributes not only to the effective learning of a foreign language but also to a good mood.

It should also be noted that you can learn Spanish via Skype with a online Spanish tutor, not only by traveling to the teacher’s home but also in real-time.

Difficulties that you may face:

  • Poor internet connection.

Spanish lessons online are growing in popularity for these reasons:

  • Lessons can be held at home or in the office.

  • Lessons are not canceled if you are abroad.

  • Ability to communicate with native speakers.

  • Classes with foreign teachers.

  • Most companies offer their clients the opportunity to choose their own time for classes. After all, some can only study late at night.
  • 24-hour service.

Methods to learn Spanish by Skype or Teams

What seems to be unusual about learning a foreign language on Skype?! You turn on your computer, connect to the Internet at the right time and study with a tutor. That’s not really how it works. We’ll tell you how it happens.

Lessons will not be boring, offering only dull rules. To stimulate your interest in knowledge, a Spanish Skype tutor will explain the topic by examples, using art books or movies.

For example, learning by watching a movie will help you find yourself in a Spanish environment, and understand how to write sentences, and pronounce words. Skyping with foreign friends and speakers will give you an irreplaceable experience without going abroad.

Not only an adult can do it online, but also a child. In this case, a specialist who has experience in teaching children will work with a small polyglot. The lessons with the youngest students will be relevant to watch cartoons, playing, reading interesting and high-moral fairy tales in a foreign language, to communicate with a native speaker (at the request of parents).

If you are a manager and want your staff to be able to speak Spanish, then group classes are relevant for you. This way you can save time and money.

Having carried out a comparative analysis between learning Spanish on your own and with your teacher, you should confidently say that classes with a qualified professional will be much easier, more productive, and more effective.

No matter which way you choose to learn a foreign language, we wish you good luck and success in your studies!



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