Learning is Spanish makes us go out of our minds, and even more so when we cannot find a word in our native language that has the same meaning as the word in Spanish. To improve this process of learning, we propose a series of Spanish words with their meaning and their likely...

28 January, 202128 January, 2021by
Some weird Spanish words that most spaniards are not ok with

Some weird Spanish words that most spaniards are not ok with

Spanish, as most languages, is a living languages which means that it is constantly evolving and that is why learning Spanish can be so difficult. Some of these changes happen naturally, because the way we talk and pronounce certain words gradually change and other changes happen because of the influence of other languages, mostly English....

6 October, 20206 October, 2020by

We are open

We are open! Now you can book your 1: 1 Spanish lessons and continue learning Spanish. With security and distance we continue teaching.

2 May, 20202 May, 2020by
Verbal Periphrasis in Spanish

Verbal Periphrasis in Spanish

The verbal periphrasis, also known as a verbal structure is a special grammatical structure that consists of two or more verbs that take on a new meaning when used together. We can not do without them, because with their help such actions are transmitted, which simply words cannot express. All the verbal structures in Spanish...

10 March, 202010 March, 2020by
Don’t get lost in the market!

Don’t get lost in the market!

Enjoy learning Spanish  with our special Spanish course “Spanish in Real Life” . Let’s go to the market together!! The fruits of May that we welcome in this spring month in Valencia  are many and varied: new colors, smells and tastes that flood our senses. Now, that’s not all. In the field of spring vegetables...

6 May, 20196 May, 2019by

Learn Spanish and enjoy Valencia

The best way to learn Spanish it is to learn in context. That is way in Spanish & Valencia – Private Spanish Lessons – we have lessons outside the class room. Today we went to  Bombas Gens to enjoy a fantastic photo exhibition in Valencia about street photography. After being in the Gallery we discussed in...

11 September, 201814 January, 2019by

Para or Por

The use of  “PARA” and “POR” in Spanish is sometimes confusing because both  can  be  traslated as “FOR” Here you will find a trick between some of the uses  of   “PARA” and “POR”   PARA  –> purpose – goal The use of  PARA in Spanish is related to the PURPOSE or  GOAL. As a...

12 June, 20174 June, 2018by
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