Learn Spanish and enjoy Valencia

The best way to learn Spanish it is to learn in context. That is way in Spanish & Valencia – Private Spanish Lessons – we have lessons outside the class room. Today we went to  Bombas Gens to enjoy a fantastic photo exhibition in Valencia about street photography. After being in the Gallery we discussed in...

11 September, 201814 January, 2019by

Para or Por

The use of  “PARA” and “POR” in Spanish is sometimes confusing because both  can  be  traslated as “FOR” Here you will find a trick between some of the uses  of   “PARA” and “POR”   PARA  –> purpose – goal The use of  PARA in Spanish is related to the PURPOSE or  GOAL. As a...

12 June, 20174 June, 2018by

Free Spanish Podcast

Spanish podcasts are perfect if you want to learn Spanish. The principal benefits of Spanish podcasts are: You can learn at your own speed You are hearing native speakers speaking real Spanish You will broaden your vocabulary You will learn how the words are being used You can learn lots of new topics You can...

7 February, 20174 June, 2018by

Cine mudo para clases de español / Silent short films for your Spanish classes

Hoy os dejamos  tres maravillosos cortos mudos de animación que podéis utilizar en vuestras clases de español. Here you will find three fantastic silent short films you can use in your Spanish classes.   Alma (2009)   Paperman (2012)   Sadman (1992) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjgHbRrnjhU&feature=player_embedded

19 December, 20164 June, 2018by

Fechas de examen DELE 2016

  Convocatoria Exámenes Fecha examen Plazo de inscripción Abril 2016 General: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 15 abril 2016 Desde 15 de febrero hasta 16 de marzo Mayo 2016 Escolar: A1, A2/B1; General: A2 / General: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 20 mayo /21 mayo 2016 Desde 15 de febrero hasta 13 de abril...

15 February, 20164 June, 2018by
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