Reasons and motivations to learn Spanish

Reasons and motivations to learn Spanish
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Spanish has more than 500 million speakers and it is the official language for more than 20 countries all around the world. The opportunities and new experiences that such a large language can provide to students may be countless. There are also tons of reasons to begin studying a second language or a new one, it could be related to a professional need or maybe you want to use it in your daily life. Here we will talk about some benefits and reasons to make your first steps into our language.

The very first reason to think of is its large number of speakers. As we said, Spanish is the official language not only for Spain, but also all of South America, except Brazil, which is Portuguese. And we are not just talking about being official as a second language, like some countries do with English. Spanish is the mother tongue for dozens of nations.

Our globalized and professional world is surrounded by two very big things, being the first one the Internet and the digitalization and the second one, of course, are languages. If you have thought about the previous point, actually being able to work in that many countries just by learning Spanish can be a very profitable activity.

Of course, as a social bond, a language is a very large source of benefits too. The experience of traveling and being capable of communicating with native people is very rewarding. Your efforts for speaking on their language will be very well received. Since understanding is key, being a foreigner actually capable of speaking Spanish will grant you access to social interactions that will also make your experience far more joyful. It also happens if you come across foreign visitors and you can speak their language. People will be very thankful and you just did the right thing.

Learning a language has been the subject for a lot of studies and investigations for many years. It has been proved to be very impactful on our brains and it stimulates aspects of it like memory, attention, etc. Keeping your brain activated by having two languages working inside is a very healthy activity, and as any physical sport or activity, it also is demanding.

If you decided to learn Spanish to enrich your personal knowledge and expand your vision of things, that is a very motivational reason. It indeed rewards constant people and brings you out of your comfort zone. It is all about communication and knowledge. Being able to understand a new language means that you will also understand different and new points of view.

All these reasons and motivations are just theoretical if you do not make up your mind before engaging in your learning process. All of our articles are online and ready to be read, so you can have a wider look at what Spanish may bring you. Of course, we are waiting for you, so feel free to come and enjoy languages with us.

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