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Do you know the five stepst to succesfully learn Spanish? In this article we aim to answer one of the most common questions that we receive from you learners: what do we need to be successful in learning Spanish? And also another question that is related to this as well: why are there people who are great at learning Spanish or whose abilities improve very fast and those who don’t? Keep on reading if you want to know the answer!


We have discovered that the more motivated a person is the faster they obtain good results. We like to think of motivation as gasoline and that learning a language is like a trip: motivation is the car fuel that takes you to whatever destination. Before leaving for your trip, you should make sure that you have a good reason for learning Spanish or any other language. There are plenty of valid reasons, but here you have a few: you want to make the most of your holidays in Valencia, Spain, it opens up doors for your future career, you may want to communicate with people of other cultures or you may want to train your brain. However, so as to reach your personal goal first you must find out which one it is.

Why do you want to learn Spanish?


It is no surprise that you should dedicate some time to studing  every day (at least for 3 months). Time is a very important factor; that’s why many people never take up learning Spanish or any other language. However, if you want to learn Spanish and have the motivation for it, you can and should find time for it. When you say that you don’t have time what you are really saying is that learning Spanish is not that important to you. You should check your schedule and use every inactive moment of your day in order to practice, even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes a day.


The students of Spanish that improve the most are the ones who learn little by little every day. If you decide to study Spanish five hours a month, it is better to study 10 minutes every day than only having two long study sessions of 2,5 hours that month. The best way to learn Spanish is practising every day and to be disciplined and regular.

The right learning method

A good method for learning Spanish is that one which is efficient and satisfies your needs. The best thing about language learning is that there are a lot of paths that lead to the same objective. Several methods can help you reach the level of fluency in Spanish of your wish.

The ability of overcoming mental obstacles

We have come to realise that one of the main obstacles that students of Spanish face is mental. Some students have serious difficulties overcoming the impediments that they create for themselves in a psychological level. These are some of the most common psychological impediments: lack of confidence, shyness and fear of making mistakes (perfectionism). These are not the only ones that learners of Spanish go through, but according to our experience they are the most common.

I hope you like the article. If you also have trouble with these aspects and you are in Spain, I recommend you come to Valencia. In Spanish & Valencia we will be able to help you create a study routine and overcome all the problems you may find in the process of learning Spanish.

Adapted from Mosalingua

Translated by Silvia Juste Rincón

Photo by Pixabay:

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