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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel your Spanish knowledge is getting stuck? Then take a look at these tips to become a better learner. If you are already taking Spanish lessons or are attending a course, consider us as an option, because we can guide and teach you right here, in our academy located in Valencia.

We know being a student is not an easy task, or at least not as easy as it could be for everyone. This is why we find it relevant to guide our students through the learning process. As you may know, attending a course or taking Spanish lessons is just part of this process. Although it is a major part of it, there are several other aspects to take into account before you can speak  properly.

Of course, it is important to follow a process in which students feel comfortable during their Spanish lessons. First, we let students have their first contact with the language by teaching the basics, then they start building full-sense sentences by learning also the basics of grammar and then we fill their minds with vocabulary, context, culture, and many other aspects that are important for the process to be clear.

The way a person interiorizes a language can be as different as two people may also be. While taking Spanish classes, almost every student works under the same conditions, but interiorizing it may vary for each student. Some learners may be very good listeners and can assimilate and comprehend easier than others and there also may be students who find enjoyable reading and can be learning through stories or even the news.

Therefore, we will introduce you to some useful ways to study Spanish which may fit with how your mind works. These are all basic and easy introductions so you can choose, or even discover, which one suits you the best.

If you enjoy listening to music, you might have two options to emphasize your learning process. Have you ever tried to do your Spanish homework with some music on? For some people, combining tasks with music stimulates the brain. If you like music, give a shot to some Spanish music and artists a. You can find tons of lyrics or just listen to some music to improve your understanding of the language.

What about your visual? If you are observant or you like to analyze things as much as you can, you could try to use what you see to convert it into Spanish by, for instance, labeling what you have at home or using digital entertainment such as series or movies. Subtitles may be your best friend to develop a good eye-brain combo.

The last one is all about social. Have you ever tried to apply what you know? Try to explain what you want or what you need by thinking about it first and then using your own words. If you have an active mind, being sociable may help you in your learning process as much as the other two options.

Author: Alejandro Fayos Benito

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