Here are some ideas that can help you with your Spanish learning, while being fun and entertaining. Each person should find the one they like best and start as soon as possible: Spanish is not an easy language but by following these ideas you will finally be able to speak and write like a native.


Today we are surrounded by music; wherever we go, a song is likely to be played, whether it is in the stores, on the radio, on YouTube, etc.

One way to learn a new language and enjoy it at the same time is to listen to original Spanish music. It may seem silly, but eventually your brain will get used to this new language, reminding you of the song and the lyrics, even if you don’t know the meaning of the words.

It’s very useful to check out the lyrics (English-Spanish translation) to increase your vocabulary, learn expressions that you did not know before and build up your grammar. In addition, it will also make your oral expression more fluent and with a more Spanish accent.


If you want to improve your speaking and writing skills, Lyrics Music can help you do so.

Lyrics Music is a web page where, at the same time you listen to music, you learn to write the words in their respective language.

The website plays the song you have chosen in the language you are studying. While watching the video and listening to the song, you must write some words of the lyrics that, according to the chosen level, will have a degree of difficulty or another.


If your personality is softer and you prefer reading, take advantage of this opportunity and expand your Spanish by reading books that you like. Reading will help you broaden your vocabulary, acquire new expressions and work on your grammar.

This will not be difficult to achieve since it is not a learning exercise in itself, but rather a time of relaxing, of reading immersion combined with memory and learning exercises.

Here you will find more than free 3.500 books


When you get home from work or class you always feel exhausted and just desire to lie on the couch and rest and watch TV. At such moments, a movie or series is very relaxing, but if you use the right media, it can also help you with your second language learning in a most fun and entertaining way.

Find a movie or serie that you like and play it in the Spanish language. If you find it that complicated just to understand it by listening, you can also choose to get subtitles.

Little by little you will learn: a word will be repeated many times and at the end, you will be curious to know its meaning and it will stick in your memory. When you gain more level, you will realize that in some cases you can already understand more than what you read, and you will notice that subtitles are no longer necessary.


The Spanish language has a wide vocabulary and, although sometimes its meaning can be deduced from its similarity to English, many times it is almost impossible.

This exercise that we propose will help you in expanding your vocabulary and is called the soup. It is as simple as taking a paper and a pen and starting to write. But what do we write? We have talked about listening to music, reading books and watching movies, but this will not be very useful if you don’t take it with other approaches. Remembering a new word is not difficult seconds after you learn it, but if you want it to stick in your brain it is best to write it down.

Try writing down about 20-30 words in your “soup” and their meaning. Don’t write down those you are not likely to use, start with everyday vocabulary, such as learning the names of vegetables and fruits, greetings, or asking for directions. Review them whenever you have time, whether on your way to work or on a plane: this will really help you build your vocabulary.

TIP: If you have trouble remembering a word on its own, we recommend that you write sentences with it and the more fun they are, the more you will remember them.


Many applications have been developed for learning languages, such as Babbel, Duolingo, Busuu, Memrise, etc., but sometimes you find that they are not enough or are too easy. In that case, we recommend the Hellotalk application, which allows you to talk to native speakers, either by voice or text message.

The procedure is simple: choose your native language and also the one you want to learn, in this case Spanish. You will be in contact with Spanish people who want to learn your language, and from them there will be mutual learning. Both of you will improve your second language and learn typical expressions that are used daily.

The application allows you to correct the other person’s phrases, save the ones that you have liked, record voice messages and listen to the words in the original language.

Autor: Rocío Balada López

Photo by Daria Shevtsova


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