Five things you didn’t know about Valencia

Five things you didn’t know about Valencia

  Valencia is one of the most popular cities in Spain and recieves many tourists a year, that love to explore the city and learn about its history. But it also holds a few surprising secrets that even some native valencians don’t know. If you are interested in learning some of these secrets so you...

23 April, 201923 April, 2019by
Some binomials in Spanish you’ll want to use sooner or later

Some binomials in Spanish you’ll want to use sooner or later

Binomials or word pairs are idioms in Spanish with the peculiar characteristic of having two words from the same grammatical class like nouns, adjectives, pronouns, etc. There are different types of binomials, some of which are based on sound, synonyms and antonyms, repetition, etc. and though they aren’t always binomials in both languages, it is still...

21 March, 201921 March, 2019by
Spanish curiosities: false anglicisms

Spanish curiosities: false anglicisms

As you may know, many languages have adopted anglicisms: English words that become part of another language. Usually these words have equivalents in Spanish and keep their original meaning, but not these ones. Not only don’t they have the same meaning… some of them don’t even exist in English! 1. Alto standing (luxury, luxurious). This...

28 February, 201928 February, 2019by

Learn Spanish and enjoy Valencia

The best way to learn Spanish it is to learn in context. That is way in Spanish & Valencia – Private Spanish Lessons – we have lessons outside the class room. Today we went to  Bombas Gens to enjoy a fantastic photo exhibition in Valencia about street photography. After being in the Gallery we discussed in...

11 September, 201814 January, 2019by

Cine mudo para clases de español / Silent short films for your Spanish classes

Hoy os dejamos  tres maravillosos cortos mudos de animación que podéis utilizar en vuestras clases de español. Here you will find three fantastic silent short films you can use in your Spanish classes.   Alma (2009)   Paperman (2012)   Sadman (1992)

19 December, 20164 June, 2018by

Palabrotas en español vs Bad words in English

Español                          Ingles Me cago en la mar   =    Oh shit Hostia   =                       Holy shit / Bloody hell / Jeez Mierda  =                  ...

10 October, 20164 June, 2018by

Spanish Speaking Volunteering

Volunteering as an ICS Team Leader is a great way to put your language ability into practice while positively impacting people’s lives. As well as getting a chance to use your language skills you’ll gain experience in leadership and international development that will make you more attractive to employers. We’re looking for passionate Team Leaders to join...

8 September, 20164 June, 2018by
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