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The importance of learning Spanish to express what you actually think in Spanish.

Hello lovely readers! How are you doing? Are you looking forward to continuing improving your Spanish level? I hope so! In this post we will be talking about expressing yourself in Spanish. Have you ever tried to say something that is perfectly structured in your head, but when you try to say it out loud in Spanish it makes no sense? Well, that is completely normal and understandable. However, that will not happen when you learn those  expressions and words you need to take your Spanish to a higher level. But first, let’s see what is so important to say what you have in your mind in Spanish!

Spanish idioms:

To start, I must say that learning idioms and regional expressions

is key to express yourself in the most natural way. However, we will talk about this in another post.

First, the most important thing when you try to express yourself in Spanish is to make your ideas clear, to reach the people that are listening to you. To achieve this, you need to have a good knowledge of the vocabulary related with the subject you are talking about. This way, you will not be making pauses all the time to think about the  words you want to say, and you will be more fluent and sound more natural.

Being fluent and natural speaking:

Second, when you are fluent and natural speaking Spanish talking about some random or serious subjects, you can go a step further: you can start with humour. This can be a difficult area when learning Spanish because here irony, jokes and word plays take an important role and sometimes you need to be really into the culture and society to get thehumour. But once you have done that, you will have a special connexion with Spanish people, and they will treat you as another  person.

How can you do this? Well, there are lots of ways to become more fluent and closer to Spanish, but what we recommend the most is what we offer: taking Spanish lessons in small groups or even private Spanish lessons. Our advice is to practise your speaking skills in small groups or private lessons because that is the only way you will be able to speak the most. The more people you are in the room speaking, the less time you speak.

This (wanting to express yourself ) is key and important when you are trying to improve your Spanish level. The reason is because the more you try to learn to improve your fluency, the more vocabulary and expressions you will know for your day-a-day which will make your Spanish more fluent and so on, because this is like a circle which powers itself and it only makes your Spanish level improve.

As a sum up, learning  idioms, becoming more fluent, having a better social connexion with people and, in general, learning ways of expressing yourself in Spanish is key to communicate in an effective way in every context that involves.

Where can you learn Spanish in Valencia?

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