Studying a new language is not easy and even less so when it comes to Spanish. It is a tricky language both to speak and to write, and making mistakes is very easy, but do not worry, even native speakers sometimes make it wrong!

In the coming article we would like to introduce you some ideas on how to improve your Spanish language learning.


First, you must be completely sure about what new language you want to learn. In this particular case, Spanish is a very beautiful language although it also has its particularities. This should not make you back down: it does not matter how difficult a language is.

If you have made up your mind, just look ahead.


This step is the easiest but also the most difficult. Take a pen and paper and write down what you hope to achieve with the Spanish classes and the language itself. Write down everything that comes into your head, known as the brainstorm. No matter how difficult it is to achieve, all that matters is to get started, and even more so to keep going.

Also write down what you hope to learn, how long you think it will take to study Spanish and what you want to improve in.


There is no doubt that when you start learning a new language, at first you will not understand anything and you will feel totally lost. Learning Spanish already starts at a very high level, but you should make sure you don’t get depressed on your first attempt. As it has been said, your motivation has been to learn Spanish, so do not give up on the first try.

Think that Columbus did not discover America in one day!


Finally, after a few hours of study you know basic Spanish words. You are happy when you see them again and understand their meaning: WELL DONE!

You are on the right track, keep it up and try to continue as you have done so far.


It is all a matter of time: little by little you acquire vocabulary while learning grammatical issues. It’s hard for you but it is totally normal. Learning is not easy but you will try your best to finally speak Spanish like a native.

As a foreign language learner, learn to be patient and take it easy.


You must keep in mind that in order to master a new language there is a lot of work behind it. Lessons are a very good solution, but it is time to fill your daily environment with everything related to Spanish: listening to music, watching movies and series, and listening to native speakers can also help you to improve your Spanish.


You are in a new country, perhaps completely different from your own in both culture and language. At this point, visiting the city where you are and paying attention to small details, such as when people talk to each other or the things they do.

It would also be helpful to find a native Spanish friend with whom you can speak freely. Surrounding yourself with Spanish things will make you feel more Spanish and, at the same time, closer to the culture and, therefore, the Spanish language itself.

The important thing is to be surrounded by people who understand, who can help you as they also encourage you and above all be oneself who feels like and strong enough to do so.


The time has come: you must get rid of the insecurities and negative thoughts that surround you all day long. No matter how well you speak Spanish, the thing is to talk, talk, talk.

You need to be true to yourself and start speaking Spanish, even when you are not sure if what you are saying is right or wrong, SPEAK. Also ask to be rectified every time you make a mistake, because remember, the best way to learn is when you make mistakes.

Tip: the best way to learn the properly Spanish is living embarrassing situations that you remember later, and that can help you to learn from your own mistakes and do not do them again.

However, it is sometimes more complicated to learn Spanish, and you can feel extremely frustrated in some situations, and feel that you are not making enough progress. You have to try to have a positive mind and not give way to frustration. Even your little steps are worth it.

Most importantly, keep in mind you are not either a bad student or an awful learner. What you need is somebody to teach you and provide enough information to improve, always funnily, as well as the strength to push yourself not to give up and go further, to tell yourself that you are not doing badly, but you are trying to do your best no matter how much bad feedback you get.

Autor:  Rocio Balada

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